Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project Runway - Fine... give him an excuse to cry

I swear there is some giant conspiracy going on over at Bravo to see how many times they can make Ricky cry on national television. Week after week there is always some reason for our boy to shed a few tears, and last night he actually won a challenge.

Let the tears begin.... Sure, I'll give him the win because he did do some nice work, and managed to catch the vibe that Levi's © was looking for.... but I am getting a little tired of all the product placement. (On a little side note - I do think it's very cool that Levi's © plays the gay version of the 501 commercial during Project Runway.) Yes it is a cool product and iconic and yada yada but enough is enough people.... I don't want an infomercial with my reality show.

Anyways... the Challenge is to make something out of Levi's © 501 Jeans (my faves) and the designers go in various directions. Nerves seem to be getting more frayed than the jeans at this point, and after a major bitch fest between Chris and Christian, our little Rooster boy gets very pissy and whiny about doing a challenge that feels amateur to him. All too much drama and I myself am getting quite tired of Christian's arrogance. His track record isn't that good and I really get the impression that he is just one of those bitchy queens who really thinks he is all that - snap- snap- snap right back at ya honey.

After all the drama and an incident with a sewing machine that made Jillian seem slightly animated (just for a few moments), this episode is still putting me to sleep. Even Tim sounds non-thrilled with it all and just repeating " Carry on" and "Make it work" to all of the designers. I am not sure if I can handle another monotone "Designer moment" with Bland (Jillian) and of course, Blander (Victorya, who's name is probably the most interesting thing about her) and will just skip ahead to the Runway and end results.

Rami being " fashion forward", hit it out of the park with a nice number with some nice zipper piping. Too much for Levi's © it seems.... but he seemed back in fine form (very fine...) and I have almost forgiven him for being such a knob last week.

Christian did a very nice take on jeans and a jean jacket, deconstructing (how design school...) and using the opposites for fabric (jacket became jeans and vice versa) and it looks smart... nice detailing on the jeans but not what Levi's © is feeling.

Sweet P did a nice dress, I just felt sorry for her after being treated like crap last week and then this week Victorya kept calling her Kit... I am happy she is still hanging around.

Chris was not as with it this week and his attempt to recreate the typical " little black dress" was off the mark, but not so bad to make him go home (again).

Jillian had me thinking the whole time : What was she thinking? Jesus Christ woman, that flashback to the 80's was hideous and you were damn lucky that Victorya was worse.

Which of course brings us to the disaster that was Victorya's Trench coat. Not only did she not have any original ideas (made a Coat last week, remember?), but it was so fricking ugly it deserved not only to lose but to get burned as well. Yikes.

So yes Ricky did win... and cry.... and I still think that he is like a one hit wonder and will be aufed soon, but congrats none the less. At least this week you had something to cry about.