Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pushing Daisies

Each week this show seems to get better and I fall more and more in love with poor Olive.... she loves the pie maker but he loves her not.... it's a sad tale. At least in this episode Olive was the main event, and the storyline about her and her past was a brilliant view of her character.
The main part of the story was about how Olive had been a jockey, and at her last competition, the Jock-Off (snicker) there was an incident where the lead jockey died due to someone altering his equipment. It probably sounds dirtier than it is as this show will make funny innuendos but is not crude per say.... anyways years later the ghost of said jockey has returned and is killing off the other competitors one by one... the flashback scene with Olive was hysterical, and as usual all of the regular mayhem ensues with finding the guilty party and the discovery of the not so dead jockey that still lives, in part due to some leg transplants from his horse.... this show is kind of hard to explain but the story was great and as usual the visuals were outstanding. Did anyone else catch that the cookies on the plate at the jockey's house were shortbread?? too brilliant...
Last night's Halloween episode had the sweet surprises and bittersweet memories that make up each episode, and Ned's issues with the magical day were all of the above. I loved how everything came full circle at the end and Chuck got to see her Aunts again, even for that single moment disguised in sheets as a ghost. If you didn't see the scene with Ned and Digby disguised as ghosts in matching sheets it was a beautiful, poignant moment and touched me deeply as I saw how lonely Ned had been for so long. If you are not watching this show get on it!