Monday, December 10, 2007

Amazing Race - A Bugs Bunny Moment

In a move that reminded me of Bugs Bunny (" I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque") our dynamic brother and sister team of Azaria & Hendekea not only lost their place in line, but booked the wrong tickets and that ultimately led to their demise.

I love an episode where the air travel is all over the place... the teams were scattered far and wide all over east Europe in an attempt to get to Croatia (beautiful place) and continue on with the Race.

I was more than shocked that our semi-functional father and daughter team of Ronald and Christina won this leg of the race... but they made good time and I have to congratulate them for that even if I still want Daddy to get another hernia. I can't bear to watch Nate and Jen much longer.... and hope they are out soon before things get even messier. Such drama.... and do none of these people know how to row a boat? I was in awe watching them struggle through the challenge and then laughing as they had to repeat the last part and finally arrive in 3rd place. Yes it was the cherry on the already melting sundae....

My faves, Team Goth came in second (yippee!) and did a great job. I love how supportive they are too each other and hope they go far. Gramps and Nick managed to catch up enough to avoid elimination and will probably be the next to go. Last episode it was Nick who was slowpoke on the Roadblock and this time it was Gramps.... not much hope there.

TK and Rachel are still doing well, and should be around for awhile. We still haven't had a non elimination leg of the Race and are due for one... damn that probably means that Nate and Jen will be around for at least 2 more weeks.... sigh......