Thursday, December 13, 2007

Project Runway- The Jenny Craig Challenge

This week our designers worked with another set of models, and this time they were all ladies who had lost a lot of weight. The Challenge was to create new clothes for their bodies using some of their old clothing. Mercifully, the designers are appointed their clients to offset that awkward school yard pick as we don't want to make anyone be chosen last.

We are on our merry way in this episode when it is revealed that Jack has a nasty staph infection... and due to his ongoing health issues (living with HIV for 17 years) he needs to leave and take care of it. It's saddening news and a real shame as Jack is a talented designer, and it looks that he can't continue in the competition and get treatment at the same time. I hope he tries to come back next season as he was one of my favorites. Tim brings Chris back to even the playing field, and he ends up working all night to catch up with the other designers.

The majority of the designers are doing okay with the challenge except for Steven. He has a wedding dress (miles of polyester chiffon and beading) and doesn't want to work with it. He opts to use it as trim and makes a black dress. Elisa is still being all layered and organic and Tim keeps telling her to neaten things up. We get a funny moment when Tim reminisces about making bad decisions at 3 AM which sets all the boys off, with Tim getting all embarrassed and saying that his mind didn't even go there. Too funny.

After the usual drama, and Steven scrambling to finish something we get the runway walked by our lovely ladies and a few of them really worked it. I love seeing regular people play model on the show and when the designers have to design for real people instead of walking coat hangers.

Jillian uses new material instead of recycling and passes through easily. I was surprised and expected Nina to rip her a new one but no such luck. Ricky tears up at least twice in the episode and thankfully the crybaby is safe, I was not emotionally prepared for dealing with him having another meltdown this week after losing Jack. The majority of designs are pretty much forgettable but Kevin does a kick ass ensemble for his lady. Our rooster boy Christian wins this week with his smart outfit and Steven is sent home for taking a wedding dress and turning into a maid's outfit. That's just not smart fashion.