Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kid Nation - The End

I finally got around to seeing the last episode of the series,and while I found it interesting the first few episodes, it dragged out as the series continued. I did watch all of it to see how it played out, but found it lost it's oomph after awhile.

Anyways... it was the finale this week, and we had a bit of looting once the kids were set loose, a weird challenge to clean everything up and then a final Town Hall, with all the parents there and awarding 3 final Gold Stars worth $50,000 each.

From what I saw in the series, I didn't see kids really making a new society. In general, I found it too centered on conflict, less on solutions and didn't see that many opportunities to really see the kids in action. It was more about their boredom and conflict between factions than anything else and I was disappointed with the general outcome of all of it. If this is the example of the future, I wasn't too impressed and except for a handful of the kids that we got to see (usually the same dozen) we didn't see some of the kids at all unless they were up for Gold Star.

The final Council, and awarding the big prizes to the 3 most *ahem* "mature" girls left a bad taste in my mouth, it seemed to be much too much teenage boys deciding with their hormones on who won (yeah all the chicks with boobs) when there were clearly other kids who had worked hard the whole time ( I think of poor Mike who got nothing for his efforts) who where clearly more deserving. We get Morgan and Migle who were who exactly? Sophia definitely deserved her prize, and was one of the few kids that I thought was interesting. They might want to make it a vote by all the kids next time as to who made Bonanza a better place if they repeat this experiment. Pretty big if.....

It was interesting to see the parents... but would have loved to have seen more of them as I was really wondering if Taylor's mom was a real number like her.... maybe next time, but I am not holding my breath waiting for another series.