Thursday, December 13, 2007

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - Same O Same O

Where are the hot boys? Hello? This episode was so much a rehash of last episode AND last season that I was completely bored. Surely Janice knows that most of us tune in for the eye candy and it was sorely lacking in episode 2.

I like to think of Janice as the wicked evil stepmother who has all these pretty models to emotionally torture, and it was way heavy on the torture and felt too staged and over the top even for Janice.

So a quick recap: Janice plays all concerned for her new Latina models and becomes * the celebrity * for the magazine cover shoot. No one else can touch her models but her as they are her property. Yikes. Another model leaves for greener pastures (bye bye Stina you were fierce!), there is another cattle call, and we get life lessons for Janice about staying in school. New models are hired, Kehoe's "room mate" Grant tries to pull a fast one on Janice but ultimately gets hired.( I don't see him listed as a model on the website though..) I guess being a cross between Boy George & Posh Spice helped that one out. One of the new girls has mysterious scars and bruises and our den mother plays all concerned. We hardly get to see much of the new models as this is breezed over too quickly.

Somehow Janice manages to walk that fine line between insanity and obsession and we get almost all the gang together for an audition for Fashion LA magazine. Curiously her new Latin division is not included in this and the new kids aren't too happy. Janice goes ballistic on a few models, and calling your models scarred and maimed before the client is always a good thing. Desiree gets special attention for being orange and having rug burn on her chin. In a shocking turn of events we discover the poor girl is anemic (what a surprise -- a model with a nutrition problem) and I wonder if Janice feels any guilt or real concern for this. 3 of the veteran models get chosen.

Traci is called fat in every way you can think of (all the sausage analogies were way bitchy) and gets poked and pinched by Janice in a most disturbing way before Janice takes off her size 4 skirt and dares the poor girl to put it on.

Such a cliffhanger.... will Traci be able to do this? Will she diet and exercise to be a walking coat hanger? Will she strangle Janice with the skirt?

I don't care... but those boys in underwear better be back next week .. isn't it time for boot camp?