Monday, December 03, 2007

America's Most Smartest Model - Final Five

After losing Pickle last week our models are down to the final five, and have to choose teams for the next challenge. Andre & Rachel decide to work together, VJ & Angela team up and that leaves Brett to be alone... he's still upset that his BFF is gone but we know that Pickle is not far from his heart....

Going to the brains part of the Edge Challenge, our teams have to construct a Go Kart and then the 2 teams that finish first get to race for the Edge. Carter Oosterhouse shows up to stand there and look pretty.... and surprise it's team Import vs team America. Brett can't handle the challenge being all alone, even though Pickle pops up in some weird Yoga kind of a way. I feel your pain Brett. Angela is the queen of everything it seems and has mechanic experience so their team finishes quickly.

Our team of sassy Imports manages to win the race, VJ is pissed and Angela practically cries. Andre & Rachel have the Edge and get all the info for being a Spokes model for the sassy 2007 Jaguar XK-R. VJ calls a friend to get info on the car so he can be prepared as well. Brett pouts and misses his BFF and looks dead behind his eyes. The models get to nominate who they think should be eliminated and VJ gets the nod from the Alliance. If he doesn't win the challenge he might be purged.

The next day is the challenge, and the models go up one at a time to present and sell the car to an eager public. The models are freaked as they weren't expecting an audience, and horror of horrors, the car is on a giant turntable that spins.... just like in every car show that you see everywhere.

Rachel chokes and doesn't know what to do when things start moving, Brett is dead man spinning and even manages to lay an F bomb on the crowd, Andre is so not a spokes model and does just as bad. The worst thing is that Andre and Rachel had all the information ahead of time so have no excuse for not being prepared. VJ does a great job, and in an interesting move gets off of the turntable to do his presentation while the car spins. Angela does an even better job and actually stays with the car and sells it like no tomorrow. She can do anything.

I am still surprised that the Judges decided to have a tie for first place, and VJ and Angela are in to the next round. We have 3 models on the chopping block and first Rachel is eliminated, then we are told there is still another that has to go as there is only room for 3 in the final challenge and Brett is cut also. I am sure he is off to be consoled by his BFF Pickle. I am convinced Andre is kept only because he is such a prick and adds that needed tension to the show, besides what is better than having VJ and Andre butt heads and get all up in each other's face. Next week the final 3 are off to another photo shoot and it looks like some tiny tiny swimwear is involved... definitely highbrow enough for me!