Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Project Runway Canada - Resort Wear Galore

Our final five are off to southern California for a much needed break and inspiration for their next challenge, and this week it's all about Resort Wear.

As an added bonus, big gay Nick from Project Runway season 2 is there, playing mentor, tour guide and all around fun guy that he is. Nick was one of my faves from the original series and it's like having an old friend home again.

So after enjoying some Spa and dinner, our gang find out that the *gasp* twist this time (it looks like they have figured out that there is always a twist with these challenges) is that they have to make an outfit for their model and themselves .. and they both have to do the runway. It's another one of those challenges that can make or break a designer as they need to make a cohesive look and be able to sell it.

After the ritual fabric pilgrimage, the gang get down to work. Biddell has chosen some quite hideous fabric which Nick calls “an aquarium on crack.” This is another reason that I love Nick, he is SO gay and SO funny. I prefer having him around instead of the regular Brian guy... he looks too 70's porn star with that mustache.

The gang get to work and pump out different stuff, Lucian is having a rough time with what Nick calls Elton John inspired work. His outfit is so yawn, and the dress is just too much, and not his usual Bohemian self. I am worried at this point as I usually love Lucian and is in my top 2, but this week our gypsy boy is just not working it... hopefully he will find his mojo and get back on track.

Biddell is making a monstrous hoodie thing with loud loud shorts and a god awful t shirt. I smile and hope that he will get the boot this week and we can get his fat ass off the show. Nick is close to having a stroke looking at this stuff and the douche is all proud of doing what he wants to do. While I can admire that I don't think that you could get into most Resorts with his pimped out ensemble.

Stephen is making lovely and reserved Safari wear, his stuff looks nice but he has me in hysterics when he throws on some pumps and does a fierce catwalk. Stephen is probably the funniest one there and certainly lightens the mood.

Shernett makes some way too complicated resort wear (although I did like her dress and thought the detailing was nice) but the rest of it makes you tired just looking at it. It's a close call but she gets cut and is told that she just doesn’t measure up. Brrrrrr it's getting cold in here again..

Of course this means my fave Marie Genevieve wins yet again this week with her 2 lovely ensembles. She looked great on the Runway as ell and you can't blame a guy for wanting the home town girl to win can ya?