Monday, December 03, 2007

Desperate Housewives - Something's coming & it's a Twister!

In what may be the season finale (damn strike) it all hit the fan on Wisteria Lane last night.... kinda funny that they had a tornado the same time Sci Fi was "re-imagining" the Wizard of Oz with Tin Man ... that's a lot of tornado in one evening.
I loved the episode, and thought it was a great cliffhanger and way to end the fall season... only it better not be fall of 2008 before we get to see the aftermath as that would be way too long of a wait.... I guess time will tell.
Although we didn't see all of the characters (where is our gay couple?), it was great to see some story lines closed, and it left a hell of cliffhanger.... personally I am worried about Ida's cat and was pretty pissed at Lynette for putting it outside.... but happy to see that Mrs. McCluskey survived with Lynette even if her house didn't.... now we all want to know if Lynette's family is alive in all that rubble. Lynette -- note to self -- yes we know you are uber mom, but for some people their pet is like a child and respect that, and if your husband is so deathly asthmatic he should have something to treat it with....
The Gaby/Carlos/Edie/Victor storyline was great.... loved the cat fight (more! more!), our girls bonding during the disaster,the big fight scene and Victor getting impaled by the picket fence... all good story stuff and eager to see how it plays out. Guess Carlos and Gaby are out 10 Million?
Susan played tough and although it was a bit of an improvement over the past couple of weeks I am still not happy with her storyline and I guess Mike is off to rehab.... do they need to keep him continually in the hospital? There has to be something better they can do with these two.
The storyline with Katherine, Adam and Sylvia the stalker played out well (although Sylvia being sucked up by the tornado was cheesy and kind of predictable) and I loved the bonding between Bree and Katherine. Having these 2 Martha Stewarts on steroids working together could be an extremely dangerous thing and god help the neighbourhood. Me thinks Adam is still in deep doo-doo as it appears Sylvia was closer to Adam than previously thought and that should make for some interesting blow ups with Katherine. Hell hath no fury.....