Sunday, December 16, 2007

Smallville - Gemini

It's been a few weeks since our last episode, and last we saw Clark was in the Fortress of Solitude getting chided by Jor-el and Kara had amnesia in good old Detroit.
It seems like a bit of time has gone by, and the gang is wondering where Clark is, Chloe is covering for him and it's the Holiday season.
Lois is supposed to be doing her big expose on Lex and is still secretly banging boots with our impossibly young editor, Lex's *gasp* dead brother Julian. Long story short, Lois gets an ultimatum from a mysterious stranger who breathes hard on the phone and has hidden a bomb on dear cousin Chloe. Oh joy, yet another reason to frack with Chloe (it's getting a little out of hand Smallville writers, give the girl a break). Said stranger wants to blow the whistle on Lex's Gemini experiment which has ruined his life, and he is willing to go to any means possible to take down Lex.
Clark reappears on the farm and we are treated to more angst with Lana. Clark seems a bit aloof and cold, and he has says he needs to know everything that Lana knows about Lex so they can end this once and for all. There is a whole bunch of stuff about what Lana has on Lex at the Isis Institute, so our intrepid duo are getting info about Brainiac and stuff. It's hard to follow the storyline with having such a big break and it doesn't look like it's getting any better.
Chloe gets trapped in the elevator at the Daily Planet with Jimmy and the bomb. Of course the icing on the cake is that the bomb is in her Secret Santa gift, so I applaud the writers for kicking her even harder when she is down. For some reason cellphones don't work in the building (strange for a major metropolitan newspaper me thinks) but she manages to get a message off to Clark. There is some drama with Lois being forced to get a confession from Lex, and we learn that Julian is a clone. Seems like Lex is trying to create his own family and explains at least why the impossibly young editor is where he is.
Clark and Lana show up looking for Chloe and there is a bomb about to explode in the elevator, but Chloe has a last minute with Jimmy, and thinking that they are about to die reveals that she is a meteor freak and then they kiss *gasp*. Of course Clark saves the day. After all is said and done, Lex is the new owner of the Daily Planet, his clone brother is gone (and finished with Lois), Chloe shows her power to Jimmy (healing) and at the very end we see that Clark is still trapped in the Fortress and it is Bizarro with Lana. Merry Christmas to all.... yeesh. Let's see them dig their way out of this one...