Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pushing Daisies - Corpsicle

There is so much to take in during an episode of this show it is unbelievable.

I was in complete awe of the scripting and visuals last night, and the ending... wow....

Our holiday episode, complete with snow, snowmen, Grinch references and no less than 3 corpsicles was way over the top.

We even had the return of Oscar,weird stuff with hair, The Wish-a-Wish Wish Granters, some psychedelic time with the Aunts including some very animated Crab dip and the appearance of Grant Shaud (Miles from Murphy Brown).

You can't get much better than this.

The main gist of the story is Ned and Chuck and the repercussions of Ned telling Chuck that he is responsible for the death of her father. Chuck leaves, and ends up hiding out at Olive's place. Olive's apartment is so matchy-match that it boggles the imagination. I almost screamed when I saw the pillow on her bed that says " Horse lovers are stable people", whoever does the set decorating on this show deserves an Emmy.

Emerson has a new case, an Insurance Adjuster has turned up as a Corpsicle... and to make a long story short they discover 2 more corpsicles hidden in snowmen and they have all been whacked with a baseball bat, curiously they have all rejected claims to help the boy with no heart.

Chuck meets with Oscar, who smells something different and is trying to get the truth from her. The visual of the Bee Hive Cosies was phenomenal as well, and Oscar's rant about hair was very disturbing... his character is very strange yet I got one of those Pee Wee moments from him anyways, I love Paul Reubens.

The writing and banter is as witty as usual, and when Emerson went on his vomit rant I was in glee. Finding out the Emerson has a child was a surprise and I need to know more. I know this episode was tweaked due to the strike but it still had it's magical touch. Discovering the killer, our demented Wish-a-Wish Wish Granter and her demise by Bobo the Bonobo Monkey and subsequent heart donation was the perfect holiday ending. Who knows, maybe the boy with no heart's new heart will make him less scrooge like.

Chuck and Ned manage to make some amends and although he can't console her, he is there for her and it's another beautiful heartbreaking scene. You can feel his pain in those big puppy dog eyes.

Olive went back to see the Aunts... and at Chuck's behest baked a special pie that she overdosed with Mood Enhancers from the herbal crack den. The trip they sent Aunt Lily on was very psychedelic... and her revealing that she is Chuck's mother at the end opened up a whole other can of worms and has certainly changed things... now WHEN we will know is another question.