Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Heroes - Powerless

In what has been advertised as the finale, Heroes lost 2 of their own (it seems) and finished up the Generations storyline.


For me their was some things that I liked with the episode, and things that I didn't like...

I am not happy with the apparent demise of Niki. Her character is so multifaceted that I was looking forward to seeing her at her potential, some amalgamation of her personalities. Kinda cruel to make Micah an orphan.. and stick him with his useless cousin that can't mimic her way out of a paper bag. I thought the character had potential at the beginning but she has turned real wimpy real quick.

Suresh gets forced by Sylar to try to save him and in the chaos kills Maya and then forces the doctor to save her.... is this one of the deaths from this episode or does it not count? At least she finally knows the Sylar is big bad evil and he killed her brother but still not sold on the character.

I still love the storyline with Elle and how the character is developing. She is probably the most interesting new character on the series, and I loved her efforts to try to impress Daddy.

HRG returning home to save his family from the Company. He is still the most complex character on the show and I can not stop watching in fascination each time he is on the screen.

Adam is a master manipulator and got some great screen time before Hiro popped him into a coffin six feet under.... pretty sure he can get his way out of that one eventually.

Hiro was great last night and did well against Peter.... but seemed to miss the point with why Adam was at Primatech.... his solution for Adam was very creative, and I'd like to know how he did that. I keep waiting to see more of the future Ninja Hiro with the long hair... is he on that road or not?

Peter was a bit of a dolt (again), and it was up to his brother to open his eyes and save his ass again.... a bit too much like last year, but I thought Matt was great and nice to see him more in action. When Peter destroyed the virus there seemed to be a it more to it and I wonder what all that meant or if it means anything at all. Interesting none the less...

The assassination of Nathan at the end was predictable and made me question why do the same characters keep getting killed off? Does the blood transfusion from Adam help or is he really dead? I will say that his mother's reaction was priceless.... that woman is cold hearted.

Sylar was bad ass last night -- and managed to get his powers back for the next storyline. Will he finally finish the Wonder twins off for good? Will we get any new Heroes?