Monday, December 10, 2007

America’s Most Smartest Model - Never trust a Rottweiler

Here we are, down to the final 3.... and Andre, Angela and VJ are sent off to Palm Springs for some down time with Mary Alice before a rock & roll photo shoot the next day.

Andre is still killing me every time he is on screen, not just because he is Russian (he says it at least 100 times per episode) but because he is an arrogant model who knows what he is doing... and from the quality of his photos YES he sure as hell knows what he is doing. No surprise that he wins the Edge challenge and has the snazzy new telephone to help him out with the final challenge.

Angela just tanked tonight and it is no surprise that she was purged. Seriously girl, stop playing air band and do some modeling as the judges were not impressed with your attempt at being a rock god. I am not surprised in the least that we are having the great USA/Soviet showdown for the finale... seems to me that they have been building up to this all season.

VJ was being his typical dickhead as usual. The competition is America's most smartest model, not the most sneakiest, and his attempts to derail Andre by stealing his models and then his poses was not lost on Mary Alice. VJ may be pretty to look at, but he doesn't have the range or sheer ability of Andre and it shows with his sad photo shoot. Andre oozes confidence and hot sex in his photos, VJ tries hard but misses the point most of the time.

I loved Andre going over the wall of contestants and saying how he took each of them down... and how he knows he has already won so just give him the money and let him get back to work. With the final challenge being the PowerPoint challenge Andre may be at a disadvantage due to his language barrier... but it appears he has a secret weapon that he can contact via his phone and I can hardly wait to see how the presentations turn out.... my bet is that Andre will win this and rub it hard into VJ's face... and can hardly wait to see that...