Monday, December 03, 2007

Amazing Race - Burning Bridges

Karma rules supreme again on this edition of the Race. Last week, after playing the U Turn on another team, our blondes were in complete meltdown mode, Jennifer was not happy with how they played and Shana couldn't give a crap. Of course you know this means there was lots of energy wasted on bickering and bitching, so I wasn't too surprised when they were the last to arrive and Philiminated this week.
Team Goth is still my favorite team, and I loved seeing how thrilled our Goths were about going to Eastern Europe. It's not Transylvania, but they found kindred spirits and played a good round, coming in second. Their reaction to the very pagan looking festival in Lithuania was the best out of all the racers, with Kynt saying, "Vyxsin and I love to play dress-up and were surrounded by kindred souls. It made us feel normal." I hope they get to win atl east one round.
As for the other teams.... Christina and Dad are still so frustrating to watch, no matter how hard I see them try I just want to smack dear old Dad, Nick and Gramps try hard but almost got eliminated and lost a huge lead, TK and Rachel played a good round and deserved winning, Azaria & Hendekea went from first to the bottom gang, and let's get to Nate and Jen.
I have to say that they are way up there with teams to hate, the chemistry between the 2 of them and their love/hate relationship is just so damn ugly on TV. Calling your partner a bitch and acting like an ass isn't going to get them far, and I really hope they are the next to go.