Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chuck VS the Crown Vic

Last night's episode was a great finish to this part of the season.... and hopefully we get more in 2008 as things just got even more interesting.
I loved the development with Casey's character in this episode, and his love for his car, the 1985 Crown Victoria had me in hysterics. It was great to see another side of this character, and Chuck's ability to decipher his grunts ("I know that grunt. Yeah, that's the number 7, right -- skeptical with a side of cynicism?" ) made me start thinking that our boys are starting to bond... time will tell on that one.
There is a ton of tension between Chuck and Sarah since Bryce blew through town on the last episode, Sarah wants to do her job and is trying to get back to the grindstone while still wanting some semblance of a normal life. In a strange, passive aggressive kind of way she does pretty much anything to turn Chuck away from her... but you can still tell that there are some real feelings for our nerd in there. Her annihilation of her alarm clock was too funny.
The gang at the Buy More is getting all set for their annual Holiday Party, and each episode makes me love Jeff even more. The guy doesn't have many lines, but each of them is a scene stealer and he is so much less annoying than Lester. The whole Eggnog thing and his request of a doggy bag of lobster was too much... we need more Jeff !
The story line with the counterfeiters, Chuck playing James Bond, the interesting tie in with Morgan and Anna (and her parent's visiting) being at the wrong place at the wrong time all worked well. Morgan was such a disaster I was laughing my ass off watching him freak out Anna's parents. I loved the hommage to Titanic, giant shrimp and Chuck having a rocket shoot through his legs. The ultimate sacrifice of Casey's car was the topping on the sundae... not the best special effects but pretty hilarious.
The ending of the show was astounding.... Intersect 2.0 is almost on line and soon there will be no need for Chuck... and it looks like Casey will have to take him out. Is there hope?