Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Project Runway Canada - Finale and the winner is...

Last night was the big Finale for the first season of Project Runway Canada, and following the formula that is used in the US version, we have our 3 designers off at home working on their 10 piece collection for Fashion Week.

This being Canada, we have Marie Genevieve in Montréal working on her architecturally inspired collection, Lucian in Toronto doing some very interesting work with Crocheting and his gypsy influence, and the douche bag Biddell is now in Vancouver, " staying with some friends" and has taken the summer off to enjoy it. Of course this irks the hell out of me, especially seeing the other 2 working very hard on their collections and getting their act together for fashion week. I look at this as an indication that the douche is not going to do well, and still hold out hope for either MG or Lucian wins. To me it's really anyone BUT Biddell who should win as I really haven't liked his behaviour or attitude on the show and he just rubs me wrong. Anyways we get nice little montages about our designers and their origins and it's one of those fluffy feel good pieces of filler, and coincidentally has a lovely little cross section of Canada from east to west.. it's very politically correct as we Canadians are sometimes noted for.

Jump to our final 3 arriving in Toronto for the big event, and MG and Lucian are pretty much ready to go, they have prepped for everything including music and the order their collection will be presented in. Brian is happy with them and gushes over their work, gives some advice and then tries to deal with Biddell who has no idea what he is doing and isn't even finished yet. You think someone might have used the past 3 months to put a plan together or found out what needed to be done but it is his first show after all...

There is a meeting with our sponsors at Winners, who are giving the winner a Retailer Mentor ship to help them out with working in the fashion world. MG is cool towards the idea and would prefer to have someone do the business side for her, Biddell pipes in with a comment from the group that no of them are interested, but Lucian quickly contradicts him and chats about how he does a lot of the business side of his work and seems much more serious than the other 2.

We finally get down to the Runway show, and Lucian goes first and awes the crowd in a beautiful show. His models are fabulous and his work is stunning. First out of the gate and hard to follow I think..

MG follows and her collection is as eclectic as ever.... it doesn't do much for me but I can see her point of view and all the work she put into it. I don't think it's a winner and think that Lucian is going to win for sure.

Biddell comes out bellowing like he is at a Monster Truck Rally, and his models are edgy and put on a great show. His collection seems disjointed and I find it lacks the charm and detailing of Lucian's work so I am really hoping that our Transylvanian is going to win.

We finally get around to the final judgement with Iman, Rita and Shawn, and they start off by first congratulating all of the designers for a great show and for being there. Then we get into the nitty gritty and MG is told her collection wasn't cohesive enough... MG is eliminated and proudly strips her jacket off to reveal a "MG is Dead" t shirt that pretty much sums it up. She goes backstage to join the other fallen comrades and the deliberation is between Lucian and the douche.

Rita finds Biddell too undisciplined and not sure if he would be able to apply himself if he won. Shawn loves Biddell's work and doesn't care about things like that, and Iman is bored with Lucian and finds Biddell edgy. I am quietly vomiting in my throat as they decide to award the prize to Biddell because he can bring something new to fashion. I completely disagree and think that Lucian was robbed and it should be him getting the accolades. The Douche thinks he is king shit as usual and was even trying to intimidate Lucian in front of the judges. I can't believe that they chose this idiot instead of someone who worked their ass off for 3 months and have lost quite a bit of respect for Iman after this debacle.

I am just disappointed, and next season if they do a little update on what Biddell did with his winnings and how his Mentor ship went I can practically guarantee you that the douche will waste it all away and just be another casualty of the Fashion Industry. At least Lucian and MG will still be creating and will probably be more successful. Karma does have a way of catching up with you when you least expect it....