Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Project Runway Canada - Dressing a Goddess

Last night was our last regular challenge for the final 4 ... and the designers find out from Brian that they get to design an outfit for Iman to wear to Fashion Week.

This is a huge thing of course, as Iman will be choosing the winner and they have a guaranteed spot in the final 3. Stephen is in complete awe of the challenge, and is pretty much overwhelmed with having his one on one with Iman and getting her input for what she likes and doesn't like.

Biddell asks some strange questions like " How many times have your parachuted?" and " Chocolate or vanilla?." Apparently there is a method to his madness we find out later.
There is a ton of drama at the fabric store in which Biddell once more demonstrates why I hate him so much. He grabs Lucian's fabric and threatens to buy it, once more playing the bully and trying to get a reaction out of Lucian. Brian just looks on and doesn't do anything and that makes me think that he is condoning bad behaviour and that is just out of place.... someone needs to whack the douche across the head with something very hard but he would probably like that.
The challenge goes okay... the designers have all taken different
directions with their work and Marie Genevieve has decided to go with the 'Little Black Dress' concept. Her dress gets tweaked but it is only okay and not her best work.It's still enough to keep her in the competition so I am really looking forward to seeing her do a whole line and show her style.
Stephen has a nice concept but it is poorly executed and he is eliminated and won't be at Fashion Week. He was probably the funnest contestant and I'll miss him and happy that he went as far as he did never having won a competition.
Biddell does a nice dress and I am actually impressed with his basket weave work even if I think he is a douche. Justice is served however, as Lucian wins the competition and his fabulous dress will be worn by Iman. I am glad he is there for the end and hope that either he or MG win ... after all Biddell is kept there for the shock value and I don't think he can or should win,but like Iman says, " Sometimes fashion isn't pretty" and I have to agree. Sometimes it's fat and bitchy too.