Monday, December 31, 2007

Amazing Race - Oh my Goth, talk about bad choices

I hate the editors half the time in reality shows, as they have this nasty way of playing with your emotions as they splice together each episode. I was routing non-stop for my faves, the Goths, for most of the fricking episode as they seemed to make up time after finishing last and being saddled with the imposing Speed Bump this time around.

Things started off okay.... it was nice to see the teams getting off to the next destination (this time they were off to Mumbai aka Bombay) and there was plenty of theatrics at the airport as teams tried different paths to get to India. The teams were pretty evened up, and the Goths even arrived first which seemed to give them a chance to make up time before having to do their extra challenge. Unfortunately things deteriorated quickly and before you know it, Team Goth has done their Speed Bump (yoga, which is harder than it looks and I was laughing at Kynt being all manly about how HOT Vyxsin looks stretching, they seem so platonic...) and have caught up to Nate & Jen. Our bitchy team promises a better performance and a kinder and gentler Nate & Jen and yet have not delivered. They have another meltdown finding the clue and are being the asses that they usually are.

Meanwhile the other teams have finished up their first challenge, where you have a choice of hanging posters or stringing flowers. TK & Rachel opt for flowers (Rachel works in a flower shop and can bang this out real quick and it sounds like the hippie kind of thing our hippies should do), while our Dad from Hell & Christina and Nick & Don decide to do the posters. Dad shows more of his true colors and berates Christina for his mistakes and then tries to take it out on the Judge.... which is probably the stupidest thing to do and once daughter dearest puts her foot down (a bit) they complete the task and are off to the Roadblock. Nick & Don have already finished and are just behind Tk & Rachel. The players have a choice here, they can U Turn a team, making them go back and do the other Challenge that they didn't do. All of the first teams decide not to, and are off while Team Goth does the flower challenge against Nate & Jen. Our bitchy team finishes just before, but ultimately Team Goth arrives at the U Turn Station.

And that boys and girls, is where it all hits the fans..... we hear Team Goth saying "Yes, they will use the U Turn" and then we cut to commercial.... and I am screaming like a 10 year old girl at a Hannah Montana concert and SO happy that Nate & Jen will get their dues finally and then the show comes back.... and my world goes dark as I hear the Goths say that they will use the U Turn on Nick & Don..??????? WTF???

And that is when I know it's pretty much over for the Goths.... what a fricking stupid mistake they made... they had a chance to delay the team right on their asses (well at least according to those Editors...) and they blew it. YUP just a stupid stupid stupid mistake... crap.

So anyways.... the Roadblock is deliver 6 tanks of propane to 2 addresses and get 2 receipts and you get the Golden Ticket.....blah blah blah.... TK & Rachel nab first place (and a new place in my heart for being so mellow), then Nick & Don finish second (although poor Nick almost kills himself with dehydration doing it), Dad & Christina finish 3rd and our final 2 teams are battling it out for that last spot.

It was a Comedy of Errors more than anything else, Jen forgets her receipts, Kynt makes errors with receipts and his bike and our bitchy couple make it in to the final four. The Goths take their final jump on the mat and dear old Phil says he will miss them, saying that they were certainly the most fashionable team to date. Fashionable? Well not fashionable (team Cha Cha has that one already under their Gucci belt) but certainly the most Goth and flamboyant as far as teams go... and damn cool people that I will miss seeing. I'll be rooting for those hippies to take the prize, they are the coolest out of our final four. Go TK & Rachel !