Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - La Vida Janice

Janice is back for her third season in all of her silicon and botox glory and it is WAY up there on the list of my guilty pleasures...

Janice starts out the episode with a big photo shoot (of herself naturally), showing the world again that she is the world's FIRST working supermodel and she is as fierce as ever... just seems that there is a bit of a filter over everything but I digress ...

Things are as chaotic as ever at her Agency... we get a quick recap of what happened last season and then bang, Janice has new clients (VIP Latino) but curiously no Latino models. Janice makes the most fascinating facial expressions while chatting with her new clients, and then promises to have some models for them in 48 hours, which means, joy of joy, another casting call!

This kind of reminds me of last year, but I don't care because it was a real hoot last year and there was so much to look at I had one of those sensory overload things.

There are a couple of more reasons to watch this show,and if you watched last season you got to see the whole underwear fiasco and our 2 hotties (Dominic and JP) who are modeling for 2(x)ist underwear. Dominic gets offered a full year contract to be the "face" of the company. At the next photo shoot it is such drama when they have to deal with his hairy arms and broken toenail. It's all more than anyone should have to deal with and I am free to help anytime.

Meanwhile back at the Agency, Janice has decided that she needs a bodyguard (probably from being SUCH a nice person... or bi polar) and she gets one of her on again off again models, Sorin, this Romanian metro sexual gorgeous guy (and way stoopid) to take care of her. She completely gays him out with a terrible cut off Security t shirt and the poor guy doesn't even know what to do. At least (to Janice) he looks good and that is what is important.

We have more drama with a model leaving the Agency, partly to blame due to her partner who no one can seem to trust, and then the cattle call starts and it's time to check out the new models. Janice has now decided to add a Latino division to her Agency and needs lots of pretty boys and girls to mold into super models. The language barrier seems to be the biggest problem, which has Janice sputtering out Spanglish left and right. I don't know how she can enunciate anything with lips like those...

After the initial culling of the herd, she gets all her call backs to do some pretty hot nude shots in pairs, and Janice loves the Latin heat. The funny thing is that most of the models are Latin mixes, but you have to admire Janice, she knows beauty when she sees it. She finds one model, CC to be *gasp* just like her, and now has a new protege. Some of the models do some great shots, and Janice is confident to meet with VIP Latino and get them some talent.

After the big meeting, 3 models are chosen and the day of the shoot it appears that they are no longer the cover item.... I can hardly wait to see Janice explode next episode !