Monday, December 24, 2007

Amazing Race - The Leg from Hell

Thank god for non-Philimination rounds as I almost had kittens last night watching the latest episode of the Race, and yes, they were pink and black striped kittens as my favorite team flirted with destiny and almost got the boot. That's a bad thing.

Things started out okay.... the teams were leaving from beautiful Croatia and were off to Italy. The trip is partly done by Ferry and I laugh as Kynt and Vyxsin take the time to work on their makeup. God I love these 2, they have really their own agenda. There are some major traffic snarls and messages from home on a Blackberry (product placement anyone? do they at least get to keep them?) which seemed to be a first for me. I don't remember in previous editions anyone getting messages from home but that may be the eggnog talking... and we only got to hear half the team? It was kind of weird... anyways Tk and Rachel forget their clue and have to go back for it, and Kynt and Vyxsin seem completely lost and get kind of snippy with each other. It's a first for me as they are usually so supportative of each other but it never degrades to some of the nasty fights we have already seen this season with some of the other teams.

Anyways... we got to the Roadblock, a little tour in a glider to look for the next clue. Gramps and Nicolas decide to go for the Fast Forward (it appears that there is only one in this race) and are off to get tattoos before hitting the Pit Stop. No real drama there....

Nathan and Jennifer finish first ( Jen bitching the whole time that they should have taken the Fast Forward and that she would like to finish first for a change, so tiresome...), our dad from hell, Ronald is getting back to true form and there is some nice bitching with his daughter before they complete the task and are off to the next part in DaVinci. It's really cool that we get to see Leonardo Da Vinci's birthplace and is one of the reasons I love the Race so much. Tk and Rachel are having major problems finding the clue (Tk goes at least 4 times until he finally finds it), and all though they seemed to be hopelessly lost, Kynt and Vyxsin arrive and actually finish the Roadblock before Tk and Rachel. The teams are off and yes this continues being the leg from hell as almost anything that you can think can go wrong will.... and the games continue...

So in Mr. Da Vinci's home town, you have the choice of either Invention or Tradition. Invention looks hard piecing together a crane designed by our genius, so most of the teams opt for Tradition and get to go some Flag work. Nate and Jen make it through once our little control freak gets her mojo on and berates Nate into doing it right.... she reminds me of one of those "Bring it on" girls. Ronald and Christina finish also and we get treated to more of Ron's whining. I can't say enough how I don't want either of those 2 teams to win.

TK and Rachel decide to do the Invention as it is closer and do a good job figuring it out, and staying cool and collected. They are off to the finish as they get a flat tire, and the editing makes it so you are not sure who will finish next...Team Goth has more problems, and have to get a replacement vehicle. They manage to do the Flag Ceremony quick (I think they were the first team to get it on the first try) and our little Goth Energizer bunnies are off to the finish.... dead last and a warning from Phil that although they haven't been eliminated they will have to face the dreaded Speed Bump (a new twist) in the next leg of the Race. I have already started praying to all of my Dark Gods and hope they can Goth their way out of this one.