Friday, December 07, 2007

Survivor China - Oscar Winning Performance

After all of the drama of last week and James being finally ousted, the remaining contestants are all on edge. Anyone can be voted out at this point and it's hard to know who is friend or foe.

PG and Erik are still low on the totem pole and know that they need to perform and hopefully win immunity to continue on. The alliance against them seems strong yet they are both hoping to find some crack to exploit.

The reward challenge comes along, and all of our remaining contestants are paired up with a family member to navigate and obstacle maze blindfolded. The special guests should be grateful it wasn't one of those gross food challenges that they have done i the past. At our reunion sequence Todd meets up with his sister, and gets some bad news that his other sister had a miscarriage. This sets of alarm bells with several of the other players as they think it's another ploy for sympathy a la Johnny Fairplay (the ass that said his grandmother died).

The challenge is won by Denise and her husband, and they get to go off on a yacht for a nice meal and some quality time. Denise can choose 2 others to join her, so she takes Todd and Amanda.

PG is completely miffed by all this as she had taken Denise off to the great Temple reward and feels she deserves it. No one really cares what PG thinks, as the other players are real sick of her and want her out as soon as possible. Erik thinks Todd's news is fake, and Courtney does a great mocking imitation of Todd getting the news and describes it as an Oscar Winning performance. The editors are having lots of fun this week putting the spotlight on Todd and I am suddenly concerned that my favorite puppet master will be snuffed out.

The winners gorge on food and have a complete freak out over a chocolate cake, and when they return to camp they even come back with cake all over their hands to share with the other players.... leading to some very unsettling images of cake icing being licked off of hands that you don't know where they have been.... yup this is Survivor at it's finest.

At the Immunity Challenge, our players have to navigate another course through mud and water, attached to a rope which makes them go up, over and under several obstacles where they have to choose a key, go back, open a box and then continue the process until they have 3 locks open. That's a lot of back and forth, and this challenge takes a lot of endurance. If you make a wrong choice you have to go back and try again and the challenge is quickly being led by Todd and PG. Todd makes a wrong choice and PG wins Immunity, much to the chagrin of everyone around her. She is even more insufferable than before.

I am getting even more worried at this point, the editors have been going back and forth with people talking about taking out Todd and Denise is now suddenly a swing vote, being tempted with the idea of being in the final 3 instead of the final 4 and I am really hoping that my favorite player ( I have stated this from day 1) is still going to be in the game.

Finally at Tribal Council Erik is eliminated, leaving Todd the last guy standing and here's hoping the little puppet master makes it to the finale.