Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazing Race - No chicken, no check-in

This may not have been the most exciting episode of the Race so far this season, but it still had some great challenges, the nifty new U Turn and one of the most graceful exits that I have seen in the history of the show.

The teams are still in Bingo, Burkina Faso, and all the teams have to get a gift from the village Elder before getting the next clue and continuing on their way. You might have guessed that they all get a chicken... which they need to bring with them on this leg of the Race to the next Pit Stop.

Our blondes decide to name their chicken Phil... I don't usually try to name my dinner as it complicates things later....

The challenges are interesting again, Shake your Pan or Shake Your Booty, and the majority of teams decide to do some tribal dancing to get their next clue. The challenge is very cool, you get to choose a dancer and learn some local culture, and Jen and Nate and Ronald and Christina were penalized 10 minutes for not being that good.... Jen will never live this one down being a dancer (huh?) and all....and I was chuckling to myself thinking that Christina must have insisted for Dad to dance as it would probably aggravate his hernia. Azaria and Hendekea performed well and finished first and later Kynt and Vyxsin rocked the house (loved the freestyle ninja warrior stuff) and the blondes bumped and grinded their way on.... meanwhile at the Gold Panning challenge Gramps and Nicolas finished quickly and were followed by TK and Rachel who decided the dancing was too hard and went for the gold. Loreena and Jason are still way behind everyone as they finish up the detour and head off to the next clue, which has the new U Turn. You can use this option once in the Race to make one of the other teams go back and complete the other Detour, and all of the teams pass on this option except the Blondes, who decide to slow down Loreena and Jason even more.

The games continue with the Roadblock, loading up a bike with tons of stuff and having to navigate the marketplace to find the recipient. The teams had a rougher time with this, the language barrier being the biggest challenge, and once all was said and done Azaria and Hendekea arrived almost neck and neck at the Pit Stop with Nate and Jen. Jen is quite the sore loser and whined about not arriving first and that all the teams deserved to win atleast once, and all I can say honey is that it is a RACE and you have to win the leg to get the prize.

My fave couple, the Goths, arrived 5th, and showed how much heart they have by actually being touched by the poverty around them. I think I love them even more each week.

Loreen and Jason arrived last, but even before arriving Jason impressed the hell out of me supporting his partner and saying that money doesn't make you rich,and his obvious love and compassion was the highlight of the episode. Good people who unfortunately left the Race too soon, and the Blondes better watch their backs as they have a huge target on it now.