Saturday, November 24, 2007

America's Most Smartest Model

I have already admitted that I am a complete trashy reality show junky, and have been catching episodes of this very nifty show on VH1 for the past few weeks. How can you not like such a cleverly named show that is trying to find that perfect mix of brains and beauty... and has the stellar Ben Stein as part of the judges.

The show is just best mixture of eye candy and stoopid people that makes it an extremely entertaining car wreck of a show to watch. Even better than StripSearch or that crazy Paula Abdul Show... but let's get back to this episode.

So the competition has been bitching and posing it's merry way for the past few weeks, and the last episode had the gang celebrating Daniel's birthday but unknown to them (seriously?) it also included the requisite "Edge Challenge", giving one of our models an advantage in the next Callback challenge. It was all about networking with some LaLa land VIPs, and only a couple of the models caught that and most were drunk and more stoopid. Russian guy Andre spent most of his time trying to get jiggy with some bar chick, Daniel was hammered for his birthday, Rachael was incoherently drunk, Angel thinks some creepy guy is hitting on her, Pickel is too friendly and very animated with his hands, but VJ and Brett catch on and do well. Once the gang finds out that it is a real challenge and not just a night out, it all hits the fan and Daniel has one major meltdown, which also entails him running around in his underwear and having one major tantrum. VJ wins the Edge and the next day has the most amount of time for the photo shoot and will select how much time each model has for their respective shoot.

It's all good TV. VJ is on a power trip and most of the gang hates him.

Finally we get to the Challenge and it's for some
Jeans Company and you have to pose with an animal. Oops!

VJ gets to choose first, and goes for the horse, Angela takes the goat, Rachael gets the donkey, Pickel snatches up the chicken, Brett gets the pig, Andre takes the llama and that leaves Daniel stuck with the ostrich.

Since the models have different amounts of time, VJ has lots of time to get his very gay pose down much to the chagrin of the photographer and judges. Andre thinks its stoopid, but he thinks everything is.
Angela gets too "posed" with her goat and Rachael doesn't fare much better with her donkey.

Things finally pick up when it is Pickel's turn, not only does he get in tons of shots, but he seemed to be the only one that really connected with his animal. It probably sounds more perverted and scary than it is, but it was great.
Brett manages to get a couple of snaps before losing the pig, and is traumatized for life from the squealing ... someone should send him a copy of Deliverance to see his reaction.
Andre gets all butch with his llama and actually gets the best shot and ends up winning the challenge.
Poor Daniel has no luck with the ostrich, and gets nothing but a panic ridden shot that ends up sending him home. Before the big elimination we are treated to another blow out between the guys (just a bunch of bitchy girls it seems...) and I loved how Andre was taking his shirt off while yelling at VJ... the boys are trying to unite against VJ and it's funny to watch them preen and strut. Like I said... more quality TV.