Monday, November 12, 2007

Desperate Housewives - Deception

I loved last night's episode, and how they wove their central theme of "Deception"throughout the entire show. The story lines keep up a great pace, and I really found that the whole hour passed so quickly I couldn't believe it was already over.

LOVED the whole Gaby, Victor and Carlos adventure at Sea, had a huge LOL moment the second time Gaby decked Victor with the Oars and had that big hmmmmmmm moment at the end wondering if Victor is still out there... more deception?

It was great seeing Lynette's sisters and the dramedy storyline of her mother. Ditching mom with her sister at the restaurant was hilarious and I love seeing how ingenious Lynette is. The confrontation with her sisters about responsibility and the apparent rupture between them seemed like real life stuff. Mom's escape at the end made me wonder if she was getting out for her own good, the good of her kids or because she knew she wasn't wanted. Lynette seems to get the heaviest story lines and am looking forward to seeing her have some fun.
The Bree circumcision storyline was true Bree, making sure she was getting what she wanted, making sure it looks good and will go to any means to accomplish this, so you know that some deception has to be involved. Crashing a Bris and playing Jewish? tsk tsk but so naughty and funny. The stand out line of last night was her declaration that her child "will be as devout a Jew as she is"... too funny. Bree did manage to redeem herself slightly by touting love instead of blood at the end so you know there is some help somewhere.
Mike is popping pills, Bree catches on to this and tells Susan, much mayhem ensues and after finding Mike's stash and confronting him, Mike dumps it down the drain in front of Susan. Of course we know this is deception (the man is a fricking plumber!), so no surprises there. Just questions about what the hell are they doing with Susan and Mike this year??
Katherine and Dylan had the biggest deception going on.... we still don't know what happened all those years ago, why Dylan doesn't remember, what happenned to dear old Dad... just hints about abuse and some real bad stuff. Dylan has questions and Katherine will do anything to make Dylan stop and deceives her daughter into thinking Dad tried to kill her years ago.... makes you wonder even more what did happen? Will we ever know with the Writer's Strike?