Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chuck VS the Truth

Last night's episode was a huge turning point in Chuck's world. Things have changed quite a bit and some of the twists and turns were more than expected.... I can't believe that Chuck may now be Tang free.

The storyline was great, Chuck dealing with his fake relationship with Sarah after meeting the "hot licorice hair chick" from the deli (Lou) and our requisite bad guy, the evil Marshall (from Alias) who was using a combination poison/truth serum to get the codes for some Nuclear system. Due to an unfortunate coincidence, Chuck's sister Ellie gets involved, gets poisoned, spouts out tons of hilarious truths and much insanity ensues, including our spy gang getting dosed with truthiness and some more hilarious moments. There were tons of great snippy comments between characters.

Chuck confronts his relationship with Sarah from beginning to end in this episode, all the way from their fake dates to fake sleeping together and under the influence of said truthiness asks Sarah if there ever will be anything between them. Sarah says no, but we learn that she is trained to be able to resist truthiness so guess she lied...

Chuck is all hot for Lou, so he wants to pursue things with her and breaks up with Sarah... we'll see how that turns out.

The biggest shock was Harry Tang discovering the spies and being sent off to Oahu to protect the country... I'll miss our resident Buy More manager from Hell but it appears that the big boss will miss the Lady Tang even more.... come back Harry Tang!