Monday, November 05, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Halloween came to Wisteria Lane last night, and Danielle's brilliant costume of dressing as Bree was absolutely hysterical... all the way to acting like her mother until her water breaks and it's time for an emergency delivery with Dr. Frankenstein. Kudos to Danielle as she put in a great performance last night, and giving up her baby was a very hard thing to do as much as she said she didn't want it.
Unfortunately they made Andrew dress as Cher (stupid), but the rest of the cast that was in costume was pretty good, Katherine wasn't in this episode much but still managed to make her presence known at the party including some very bitchy comments to our resident gay couple.
Lynette's cancer storyline has hopefully wrapped up, and the parallel story of waiting for her results and the possum problem was a bit overdone but effective none the less.
Gaby and Carlos are still as on again off again as usual, Edie is complicating things with letting Victor know about the affair and Susan still can't get a decent storyline this year. I am not sure if Teri Hatcher pissed off the writers but they are not being too kind with her at the moment, and her and hunky husband are getting pretty dull.... now with the writer's strike this season may be short and unfulfilled as who knows where things will wrap up...