Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pushing Daisies - Death by Scratch 'n Sniff

Last night's episode was sweet, not only did we get Paul Reuben's guest starring , but we got an interesting hommage to the Wizard of Oz, naughty Pop Up Books, Pie Cakes , Aunt Lily almost cracked a smile and a lovely rendition of Morning has Broken by Aunt Vivian. Can this show get any better?

The storyline was hilarious, our gang getting involved after a poor assistant gets blown up by a Scratch 'n Sniff book, leading to much witty banter and the usual unusual suspects. Our victim/villain is none other than author Napolean LeNez, who amongst other things has a super smell. Emerson smells like cigars, cologne and wool, Chuck smells like honey and death... whoa!

Chuck tries to get Ned to relax and accept the concept of Pie Cakes and continues in her plan to save her Aunts with Olive, Phase 1 hasn't been working that well so time to go to Phase 2, and to get those Mermaids back in the water with Sunshine in a box (chlorinated pool tablets).. this show is just too brilliant. Olive gets to try on a mermaid costume (wow) and bonds more with Chuck, although more than she is ready for.

The gangs discovery of the plot and their quest to follow the " Yellow thick hose" had me rolling on the floor, and our friend Paul Reubens as Oscar was brilliant. Oscar will hopefully be coming back as he has noticed something odd about Chuck...

I was a very happy camper to finally see our Darling Mermaids finally back in the pool, and their costumes were a real hoot. Best of all they showed in the preview for next week that Molly Shannon is guest starring and how much better can this show get?