Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 7

This was probably the hardest week of the competition so far, with each of the stars having to do 2 different dances, and you could tell the pressure was getting to the participants as the scores went back and forth, and not one team hit a home run on both dances. The Judges are getting more "persnickity" about technique and raising the bar even higher and the scores were pretty much evened out across the board, making the viewer votes the deciding factor for our dancers.
Mel's Pasodoble was hot hot hot, and there is no one left in the competition that can match her presence and not only did she get a perfect score, but was the encore performance for the result's show. I don't want to jinx anything but would love to see Mel win the season. Jennie is still doing a great job and held her ground, while Marie was a good as usual (seriously have to give her kudos for being a great performer), Helio did okay, Cameron looks good but needs to cut down on the Red Bull and Jane is very elegant but has no "oumph" in her performance. You can probably figure out it was Jane who was eliminated this week and left with as much grace and dignity that you would expect from her.
I will say that I absolutely loved the "Dance Centre" bit with Kenny Maynes, Jerry Rice and Len. The writers may be on strike but Kenny is a very funny guy and his comments and flippant attitude was hilarious (what was with his make up???) and they should keep them around each week until the strike is over or this season ends.. what ever happens first...