Friday, November 16, 2007

Smallville- Blue

I had high hopes for this episode, the story premise was interesting with Lara being resurrected, Zor-el going all megalomaniac and the chance to have some major Kryptonian fight scenes.


I thought the scripting sucked, the action sucked and could not figure out what the hell they were doing with the story.

Lara didn't do anything super except see the darkness in Lana... the whole Blue Kryptonite crap that takes away powers didn't fly with me, the resolution of the storyline with Kara being mindless in Detroit was a pretty WTF ending.... can we blame the writers?

The only positives were:

Not much Lana, and she pretty much just got smacked around this episode. Chloe put her foot down and told Lois to be professional if she wanted to be taken seriously. Mr Impossibly Young Editor turns out to be long lost and long thought dead Julian Luthor... sigh.... my brain hurts from trying to figure out some of this crap. You know I am only on this ride because I am an extreme geek.