Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Heroes - Out of Time

Great episode last night, lots happened, mysteries were revealed and things feel back on track with this show.

We finally got to see the mystery paintings from last week and things look grim for HRG, there is a bullet right through his glasses and he looks pretty dead.

Hiro did, in a sense, become his hero (as I have been saying for weeks), and made a major enemy out of Kensei before apparently blowing him up (like that would work), breaking the Princess's heart and then finally returned from the past and reunited with Ando.

Claire and flying boy got closer until HRG appeared and mucked things up... HRG wants to move again and Claire is not happy...

Matt got a better hold on his abilities, learning that he can manipulate minds like his father (Maury) and managed to defeat dear old Dad and save Molly.

Suresh and Niki were manipulated by the Company and Maury, with Suresh getting whacked around pretty good before Niki injected herself with the virus and possibly killed 97% of the population... now it appears the Claire is needed for her regenerative ability and hopefully a decent storyline.

Peter was still in the future, managed to have another shirtless scene (hot), learned that most of the world is dead due to a virus, met his mom, got his memory back and then returned to the present sans friend from Ireland... right back to Montreal where Adam was waiting for him... and Adam is none other than Kensei (guess he's immortal also?) and the games continue..