Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kid Nation - Bored to Death

Things are getting pretty dull in Bonanza, the kids have realized that all they are doing is working and sleeping and are starving for something new to do. Me thinks they are all going through technology withdrawal, as they did get the baseball equipment and other stuff a few days ago, but they have been there over 3 weeks now.
After some thought, the council decides its time to have a talent show and break some fun to the town, and a whole bunch of the kids decide on different things that they can do for the show.
Some how we get to see a few different kids this week that we haven't really seen before, after all there are around 40 of them and we seem to see the same dozen every week, but nothing really notable except for the so called Paris and Nicole who love to sit around and talk about fashion... yawn. The girls are threatened to shape up or their team will throw the challenge and they will be cleaning toilets.
This week was the grossest frontier challenge ever, the kids had to chew gum and fill in a template with their gum (handed off to their division leader), and there was way too much slobber and used gum being handed around for my taste.... anyways once the challenge is done with (no big prize either as the wimpy yellow team can't get their gum to stick) the kids get back to getting ready for the big show. Jared has decided to do some Shakespeare, and much time is spent highlighting his efforts to memorize his text and to get ready for the show. This kid is so out there and on such a different wavelength than the others that he is always fascinating to watch.
The show goes off not bad and some of the kids have some real talent, some can play the piano and sing, others are goofs and funny and we even get some drag thrown in for good measure. The kids have fun and moral goes up and it looks like they are all in it until the end, which must be coming up soon. The pacing has been less interesting the past couple of weeks and I am getting bored also...