Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Project Runway Canada- Swimming with Sharks

This week's challenge was all about making swimwear, each designer being inspired by a different era of fashion, and as an added bonus had a regular and a plus size model.

Biddell was even more the pompous ass than the previous week, all because he had immunity and thought he could just coast through this challenge. Mr Bully (aka the douche) reminds me of one of those chunky guys that over compensates for his flab by being a prick... and the other designers have all started noticing this as well and there is no love lost between any of them. I think Kendra said it best when she stated that she had never seen so many high maintenance guys before... honey it's the fashion world and most of the guys that work in it are extremely high maintenance.

The challenge is great and I love the fact that they have to design for a plus size as well. After all the drama and Biddell getting a kick in the ass from Brian, we finally get past all that and off to the runway.

The results were pretty much yawn for the most part.

Lucian's Gypsy inspired suits are actually quite nice but not a hit with the judges, but he gets through to the next round. The bully Biddell manages to get a passing grade but still thinks he is the best designer. Stephen was nice in a Greek nymph kind of way,and puts his foot down with Biddell who is shocked that someone would actually talk back to him so he pouts in the corner. This makes me smile.

Shernett was atrocious with her flapper inspired suits (yikes!) and Kendra had difficulty channeling Marie Antoinette into her suits which leads to her demise. I figured Shernett to be booted and was surprised.

Marie Genevieve rocked the house with her UK punk inspired suits and won the challenge. Pretty good for a designer who had never made swimwear before.