Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bones- The Santa in the Sewer

Christmas came a little early to Bones (a bit too early for my taste but I will take a new episode any time) and not only did we get a great holiday mystery, Bones and Booth got in some major lip lock (and gum exchange) in a moment that seems to have affected both of them more than they want to admit.

The dark humor in this show is the main reason I love it so much, and the way the mythology of Santa was woven into the story was hilarious, with all of the supporting characters getting into the holiday spirit and Temperance learning more about the joy and mystery of the holiday season.

The subplot with making Christmas happen for her dad and brother in prison was great, and Booth showing up at the end with the Christmas tree was great, I really hope the strike ends and we get more episodes. The end of the mystery part of the episode and all the Santas bearing down on the bad Santa and singing " Santa Claus is coming to town" was brilliant... and scary as hell.

The standout scene for me (besides the kiss) was Booth and Bones in the diner with Sweets... him wearing the hilarious elf hat and telling them he was all ears... just too brilliant. Happy holidays to my gang of squints....hopefully we get more of you in the New Year.