Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chuck VS the Nemesis

Things certainly started off well today, it looks like our favorite nerd has been picked up for a full season! Now if this Writers' Strike thing will end we will get all new geekiness.
I absolutely loved last night's episode; the return of Bryce (not so rogue and not so dead), the continuing drama between Chuck and Sarah, Casey being as abrasive as ever, and the hilarity that is called Black Friday at the Buy More.
When things get to the point in retail that you need a code word to signal disaster, (and to use the word Pineapple) you know some hilarity is going to ensue. The rampage scene complete with Jeff being knocked down by various objects was hilarious. The Buy More gang is growing on me more and more each week but still not sure how things will turn out with Anna and Morgan... complicated stuff. Big Mike was hilarious and I loved his slow motion run to the doors, vaulting counters and it was pretty damn impressive.
Thanksgiving dinner happened with Chuck and family and included Bryce and Sarah reconnecting and some more strife for Chuck. I was in awe of the Klingon coding between Chuck and Bryce against the new rogues, Fulcrum That is one bad ass dude in charge and he looks like a good returning villain. The fight scenes with Bryce and Sarah against the bad guys, how "super spy" they both looked, all perfectly coordinated and bouncy and shiny was great, and although they looked so damn sexy together you know I was still pulling for Chuck. Anyways the episode ends with Bryce going back underground, and Sarah deciding to go with him or to stay with Chuck.... we all know how this is going to play out...