Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - The Final Week

Finally at the grand finale week and we are down to our last 3 teams. Each of the teams have to do a Judges' Choice and then a Freestyle round, and the judges seem to be pretty persnickety with their scoring....

Marie and Jonathon do an okay first dance, and get triple 8s for their Samba. Marie seems a little jumpy tonight, it might be nerves but for the first time I am enjoying her less and have the feeling she won't be in the finale. Their Freestyle round comes later and Marie disappoints with her Doll inspired floppy thing that defies description. The judges aren't too kind and I can't blame them, it wasn't what I expected from her and know she could do better. The scores are the lowest of the evening with and 8 and two 7s. I still have to give her kudos for going so far.It's no surprise that she is eliminated and that leaves Mel and Helio to battle it out for the trophy.

Mel and Maks have a pretty good night of dance.Their first dance is the Cha Cha and they score a nice double 9s with a 10. Later is it time for their Freestyle
and Mel doesn't disappoint with some hot moves.I loved the chair work and her making Maks her boy toy (as usual) but the Judges feel she could have done more. She gets triple 9s and the Spice Girls boo the judges from the audience. I don't think that I was alone in thinking that Mel was going to win with her outstanding performances all season. She certainly was the hottest dancer there after Sabrina got the boot.

Finally we get around to Helio and Julianne. Their first dance was the Jive that had a mediocre response from the judges and earned them two 8s and a 9. Nothing too impressive and for their Freestyle they rocked the judges' world (it was pretty good) and they get a 9 and two 10s. When all is said and done there is a point difference between Helio and Mel, with Mel leading.

I won't get into the ridiculous results show dances that our two teams did, as they both scored perfect scores and changed nothing. It was great to see all of the other teams and sheer joy to see Sabrina and her boyfriend Mark dance again. I still can't believe she didn't make it to the end and hope they do an All Star edition or something where she can come back and kick some ass, she is too talented. It was kind of a shame that some of the other teams didn't dance, but at least Cameron kept his word and off came the shirt for the finale.... very super indeed...

Anyways after all the requisite filler and our Walk of Shame with the ousted dancers, Celine sings a couple of tunes (that woman has pipes) and then we finally get down the the big moment and shock of shocks, horror of horrors, Helio wins.

I will give him credit for working so hard and being a giant grin, but we all have our winners and Mel B is definitely my choice.