Thursday, November 29, 2007

Project Runway - Ex-Football Fashion

One of the things I love about this show is how they try to shake things up each week, and following this formula, we got a make men's wear for some ex-football guy (Tiki Barber) who is a correspondent on the Today Show challenge. I love it when they do this, and take a lot of the designers out of their comfort zone.

I was surprised to see the huge level of stress (again!) that this challenge brought out, and if Ricky does not stop crying every fricking 5 minutes I will personally go there and sew his tear ducts shut. Seriously dude, chill!
Of course I would be amiss if I didn't mention the monstrosity that Ms. Klum was wearing at the Runway --could not figure out this giant poncho butterfly thing that she was wearing, I hope this doesn't mean she is pregnant (again!) as I like seeing a svelte Heidi on the Runway and she usually does better....
Anyways.... almost all of the designers have bitten off more than they can chew for this challenge, and the bitching, stitching and meltdowns ensue. Thank god Jack and Christian are around, they liven things up a bit and are really growing on me. We get to see a lot of Sweet P freaking out, Carmen completely lost and I thought Tim Gunn had a couple of strokes in this episode from the way his eye was twitching. Jack gets creative with his shorts to help his design and shares with other designers which got Rami in a tizzy.

We get the added bonus of male models this evening.... and of course EVERYONE is in complete heaven with all the eye candy except for our resident, self avowing heterosexual Kevin and Elisa, who in her nutty organic way doesn't like to touch other men intimately except for her boyfriend.... err intimately? me thinks you are making clothes and not babies with your model honey... he is probably just thankful that she didn't spit on him.
All of our gay boys had lots of fun with their models, and I couldn't believe how many of the designers were running behind on competing their looks. By this stage I am convinced that Tim has had at least one stroke, and there are tons of pins flying everywhere, fabric being torn and taped and more pressure than I think that I have seen on any episode. Tiki's wife show up to give her opinion and it's already practically zero hour.
Finally we get to the Runway, and the results are mixed.
Jillian presents a nice clean and completed outfit, Kit does well also, as do Rami,Steven,Victorya and Chris. I actually really like Elisa's ensemble. Kevin's is pretty cool and very European.
Now for the bad....
Christian's outfit was terrible, and better get his crap together if he wants to hang around. Dude can sew like a demon though.
Ricky was not even close to being finished and got some pretty snitty comments from dear Nina.... I think that he has been put on notice and don't expect him to hang around, besides he is such a big cry baby...
Sweet P just had no concept of what she was doing and I was really surprised it wasn't her leaving....
which brings us to Carmen.... who didn't even have a shirt for her model and missed the boat.. completely... and is shown the door.
Jack's is great, simple and nicely tailored. He wins this round and did some nice work with out having a meltdown and that makes him a winner in my book.