Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heroes - Truth & Consequences

In what may be the penultimate episode of the season, things got pretty busy with our Heroes last night, and best of all Sylar started getting his evil mojo back on. The best news, Wonder twins, one down and one to go.

Suresh is turning into a more complicated character than I expected, and the resurrection and sequestering of HRG is adding to this mystery. Suresh sure seems to think he is playing on the side of angels but I think he will be in for a nasty surprise. We all know it's not a good idea to piss off HRG...

Monica and Micah do some super heroics to retrieve his dad's medal which doesn't end up all that well so hopefully we will find out some resolution next week. Micah's powers are very cool and I wish Monica had truly gone all St-Joan and used some of those martial arts moves on the gang.... are there more limits to her powers that we don't know? I thought she could pull out these photographic reflexes anytime... anyways I still love both characters and was ecstatic to see Nana for even a minute. Niki is waiting for a cure and hopefully she will be around for awhile... her character is too fascinating and it would be cruel for Micah to lose both parents.

Claire and family are trying to deal with the apparent death of HRG and Claire actually impressed the hell out of me last night. Great emotional scenes, and her confrontation with Elle was great.... hopefully we will get some knockdown action next week and see her kick some electric ass.

Peter and Hiro both learned more about the deadly virus (the infamous #138), and Hiro discovered more about Adam and with a quick trip in time even saw his father back in the 1970s... great acting there again and I just wish Ando was around more to be more of a balance for Hiro, they make a great dynamic duo. Peter is learning the truth about Adam slowly but surely, and with Hiro confronting him at the end of this episode it will be interesting to see on what side he will play. There is a storm gathering in Odessa and rumor has it 2 heroes will fall next week..... my guesses are Adam and Maya.... mind you with Sylar holding Molly hostage and waiting for Suresh it could be anyone...