Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Runway Season 4

How I love this show, and best of all there are 2 versions that I am watching at the moment with the Canadian version at about the 1/2 way point at this time.

Season 4 started off great, the producers have gone out of their way this time to make sure there are tons of interesting (and hopefully talented) designers for this round.

Some first impressions:

There are so many wacky names for all these contestants!

The run and get your fabric at the the beginning of the challenge was a little mean for Chris... I mean the guy had barely time to get to the tents before the 10 minutes were up... but you got to love a guy that makes a lot of costumes for Drag Queens.

Christian is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there.. or is it just his hair?

Kevin seemed too eager to flaunt his heterosexuality, was that really necessary?

Anyways.... the challenge was great, a chance to show who you are and to have a ton of great fabric to make it work (how I have missed Tim Gunn!) and at the end it all came down to crazy organic Elisa (seriously, what were you thinking???) and Simone. Crazy trumps bad work this time... so Simone is out and the challenges continue. Congrats to Rami for winning the first challenge, his dress was a work of art.