Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazing Race - Karma and Camels

I love the fact that this show takes people all over the world, and that quite often it is to areas that many people will never have the chance to see. That being said, I am still appalled each time I see teams not being to understand or to be even the least hospitable to how people live in developing nations. I think our 2 blondes learned a lesson or 2 this week, but was still a little pissed on how negative they were to our friends living in Africa. Yes, people in developing nations don't always have running water or sanitation systems, but they are still people no matter what and deserve our respect and support. Shana and Jennifer need a little lesson in tolerance.... and to not play the ugly tourist.

Karma is still working overtime on this show, and our nasty dad from last week has a hernia now and in constant pain as he continues the race. Talk about poetic justice, Christina must be laughing hard on the inside watching " Who's your daddy?" have to grin and bear it.

I can't believe how many teams are going into meltdown mode each time there is a challenge, and although milking a camel can't be that easy, freaking out and making a complete ass out of yourself in front of a whole village must leave the worst impression of Americans to the people of Bingo, Burkina Faso. As usual, the teams that stay calm and concentrated on the task at hand finish quickly while others self destruct slowly.

Unfortunately my fave team (Team Goth) is in the middle of the pack, so not much action with them last night. (Although Kint's remark that his partner is more butch than him had me chuckling, these 2 are great.) The episode was full of challenges again, this year they seem to be making it much more difficult and it is really testing the mettle of the teams involved. I love all the stuff with the camels and then going off to school to teach or learn. This show is so great that you get to learn some native language during the Race--- to paraphrase someone it is just "awesome". We even had some wacky weather thrown in and it was funny to see Phil all wet when one team arrived and then dry when others arrived.... the departure times next week will be all over the place.

Anyways, after all was said and done, sisters Marianna & Julia are eliminated this week, while brother and sister Azaria & Hendekea win this round.