Friday, November 09, 2007

Supernatural - Red sky at morning

Last night's episode had it all; strange Ghost Ships that appear every 37 years, one handed Pirates, a very vicious Cougar and another appearance by Bela.

I love the humor in this show, and Gert (our cougar) was downright scary... watching Sam deal with all this and fighting off a very horny old lady was worth more than a few chuckles. Keeping with the sexual tension and innuendo was Bela threatening Dean (who looked pretty dapper in that tux) with some angry sex as they went off on their mission to stop the killings. It's time to go undercover at some glitzy event to steal the Pirate's hand but of course Bela is there for profit and much deception ensues.

Just when you think all is well,it appears that Bela has stolen and sold said Pirate's hand, seen the Ghost Ship and it supposed to die. Of course the Winchester boys save the day, end up getting some cash and are off to Atlantic City... more games to follow.