Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Project Runway Canada - Episode 7

I haven't been doing much blogging about the series (usually because I like to blog about Heroes and Chuck which play the same night), but last night's episode was such a do that I had to say something.

First of all, Biddell is a complete douche. This week's challenge was to make a dress for a Charity auction benefiting Keep a Child Alive. This charity is close to Iman's heart and provides valuable support to children living with HIV in Africa, and is a great chance for the designers to get known and make a difference. Snooty Biddell whines about sewing for the rich, not seeing the big picture and being an obnoxious shit. The dress is supposed to be inspired by Hope and most of the designers catch the concept easily without turning it into a dramatic hissy fit.

This challenge is a more complicated one as the dresses will have to be on display for the auction which means our designers have to make sure they are completely finished and flawless, this of course means lots of stress and Brian goes over all the dresses with the designers to make sure things go as well as possible. Finally after all that drama creating the dresses, a ton of catty remarks and the douche trying to redeem himself, the big event arrives and it's time for Iman to make a tearful plea for the children and Stephen Lewis to make a guest appearance. I was still wondering who these Canadian rich women were who were to buy these dresses but that seemed to be overlooked....

Once the bidding starts, we find out that one dress has already gotten a $10,000 dollar bid (and that is in Canadian dollars!) and that everyone is pretty happy with the work done and the next day will be the show off with the judges.

Judgement day arrives and one of my favorites Marie Geneviève has the highest bid for a dress and the douche has the best design (there is no justice in fashion it appears) and finally Megan is eliminated from the show. Megan has been teetering on the edge for weeks now, and it appears that her lack of sewing ability was too much finally. She does manage to get in a snotty remark about being a designer and not a sample maker before leaving and I hope the door hits her on the ass on the way out.

Iman is still as terrifying as ever, and every time she dismisses a designer I get a feeling like someone just walked over my grave... but my faves MG and Lucian are still around and hope that they make it to fashion week.