Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chuck VS the Imported Hard Salami

Another geektastic episode of Chuck, but no more Lou? boo hoo

This week was all about smuggling various cargo, dealing with your ex and the perils of running a Deli. All this PLUS a shocking return from the dead. The pacing has picked up and the development of characters from episode to episode makes this one a winner.

Hanging with the gang at Buy More, Chuck breaks up with Sarah while the gang does a Pat Benatar rant... Heart breaker... it was just too funny. Lester tries to be rebound boy with Sarah and gets scared off in a very funny scene. Morgan decides it's time to get some too and goes after Anna to some hilarious results and the creation of the Morgan Pizza... nothing but cheese... this show is so great for it's details.

Finally Chuck gets some quality time with Lou, and after a hot make out scene in the Nerd Herd mobile he gets invited in by Lou for the best sandwich anywhere. The scene has that "When Harry met Sally lunch at the Diner" feeling and I love the chemistry between the two of them. Things get all buggy when Chuck flashes on an invite to a Club and our Spy stuff gets into gear.

The chemistry is hilarious with his handlers, from Sarah being jealous and Casey being his usual abrasive self ( Adam Baldwin is hilarious and underused) and after a hilarious intel operation in the Club and big fight with Lou, Chuck redeems himself with Lou momentarily at the Deli before it all falls apart again.

I love Chuck, his inherent "goodness", geeky sensibilities and how he is slowly gaining confidence as we go along on his adventures. His hots for Lou, breakup with Sarah and going forward in his life gets all smooshed in his face in this episode, and Chuck learns lessons, gets a big kiss with Sarah and seems to be getting more comfortable with himself. All will hit the fan next week when it's the return of Bryce....