Friday, November 09, 2007

Smallville - Wrath of Lana

This week's episode was all about Lana getting infused with Clark's powers and going postal on pretty much everyone around her. It appears that power corrupts (I think the writers at Smallville forgot that little gem) and before going on a rampage, our girl has time to do the nasty in a very super way with Clark.. much to the chagrin of seismologists in Metropolis.

I still don't exactly understand how close Smallville and Metropolis are but people just zip back and forth like nothing, but hey this is Smallville and the regular rules of time and space don't really apply.

Besides the nookie and Lana wanting to destroy Lex, Lois got bashed around at the Daily Planet, ended up in the hospital in Smallville (huh?), there was some cute flirting with the impossibly young editor of the Daily Planet (who appears to be on the Luthor payroll as well) and Chloe finally got to put her foot down and actually wasn't the victim for an episode, instead showing Clark why she is such a good friend and being the voice of reason.

Despite all the drama, it appears that Brainiac is back and Clark and Lana have more issues to deal with.... will the angst ever end?