Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Chuck VS the Alma Mater

What a great episode of Chuck... after resisting efforts from pretty much everyone around him, our resident nerd goes back to Stanford to help solve a mystery concerning his old professor (who got him expelled) and in the process learns the truth behind his expulsion.

Not only did we learn that Chuck was on the hot list to be a spy, but his buddy Bryce set him up to be booted because Chuck is too much of a nice guy and wanted to protect him.

Warm fuzzies all around, but it does beg the question of why Bryce decided later on to send Chuck the Intersect.. but that is probably for another week.

Chuck's fellow nerds fought a battle of their own against the evil Tang and his power trip, and managed to seduce, betray and ultimately win back some of their dignity, all thanks to some great team work, the hilarious Goth chick that works magic and the control code for the master remote... the nerd herd is hilarious and make for great moments. I can hardly wait for next week !