Friday, November 02, 2007

Smallville- 2 Supergirls are better than 1

One of the geeky goodness things about Smallville is how they get various stars from the Superman mythologies to participate in the series. Last night was the much publicized return of Helen Slater (who starred in the terrible Supergirl movie) as Clark's birth mom Lara who appeared in a flashback scene with the Smallville version of Supergirl... just wrap your head around that one...
Helen looks great, but the whole storyline of visiting Earth previously to see where her yet to be born son was supposed to be raised was pretty hokey.... but that is pretty much par for the course on this show that likes to throw out most of the Superman history. Anyways long story short, it appears that Clark and Kara have made nice, although Clark does have the mysterious blue crystal hidden away and it is supposed to contain, amongst other things, his mother's DNA.
This of course, is another major WTF !? moment and one of those stupid things I don't understand that they do with this show, but I keep watching anyways 'cause some pseudo Superman is better than none...
I am still pretty pissed with the whole dump on Chloe vibe that is going on this year, not only has she been passed over at work because of her cousin, now her boyfriend (ex) is hanging out with Clark's cousin Kara ... seriously Smallville writers : Are you just mean ?
On a side note, Lana has suddenly become a major hacker as well as expert spy over that past few episodes, and while I applaud this sudden skill set, it just isn't realistic (well not that many things are on this show) and I know it's all a ploy to try and make Lana interesting but it just doesn't work.... please give her a brain tumor or coma or something.