Friday, November 30, 2007

Kathy Griffin- Straight to Hell

Kathy Griffin is going to Hell, and if I have any choice I will be there with her, laughing my ass off like I was last night.

In Kathy's 6th Bravo special, she makes light of her recent Emmy (or should we say Shmemmy) win and all the hoopla surrounding her parody of NOT thanking Jesus for winning. Kathy is a good Catholic girl and had me in hysterics with her reasoning, her mother's reaction and all the media attention that it gave her.

In a very funny hour (I can hardly wait to see the un-edited edition) she gave us hilarious routines about Paris Hilton (just a retard, and some very funny walking sequences), blasted Dr.Phil about being a fat bald Predator, played mind games with Barbara Walters, explained more about Martha Stewart than I think any of us knew and worshiped the gift they call Paula Abdul. Kathy is more biting and real than ever and left me wanting more.... I am still in awe of her dare to tell humor and bet most of those celebrities shake in their boots when they see her coming.

You can check out a sampling of the hilarity here.