Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heroes - 4 Months Ago

Last night finally gave us the chance to catch up on what happened months ago.. hopefully this will be the new direction and we can go forward with the stories instead of doing a Lost kind of flashback thing... it works for Lost but not on this show.

I liked the episode, and even though we only got to see a handful of characters, I loved seeing what had happened with Peter and Nathan after the explosion, and how Peter met Elle ( who I finally found fascinating as far as characters go) and Adam and the great escape. I would still like to see more of dear old Mother Petrelli as I am still convinced the lady has some ability that hasn't been revealed....

The story with Niki and DL was ok..... I thought it was kind of stupid to shoot the guy again and have him die this time... it was great to see Nana and Monica in the flashback but Niki developing another personality was pushing it a bit...what's next? Our look back at the beginnings of the Wondertwins didn't do much for me, and I wonder why give them screen time when other characters weren't even on the scene? I would have enjoyed seeing what happened with Sylar more. Anyways it was a better episode and I hope this momentum keeps up.