Thursday, November 22, 2007

Project Runway Episode 2 - Sarah Jessica Parker's Sweatshop

The designers were in a literal tizzy when guest judge and fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker arrived this week with their next challenge, to design a 2 piece ensemble for her fall and winter Bitten clothing line.

The gang had to make a sketch, and then SJP would choose her faves and the designers would work in pairs to complete the project. After meeting with all the designers and choosing the projects, the designers are all worried about who will have to work with our organic crazy one, the way out there Elisa. Sweet P is paired up with her and it's time to shop and get to work.

I loved the idea that it was to be a design accessable to all, and that they had a huge 15$ to spend on materials so you knew it was going to be a great challenge.Things move along nicely, Sweet P gets freaked out by Elisa spit marking her fabric and there is lots of drama and bitching as the designers work furiously to make their designs with the hope of winning and getting their design in stores.

After all is said and done, Christian creates a monstrosity that is not well received by the judges, but it is Marion who fails the test and is dismissed. Victorya wins, and Elisa gets kudos for her work, showing that you can be kinda crazy to work in fashion, in fact it probably helps.