Friday, November 30, 2007

Survivor China - James Digs his Own Grave

This season of Survivor has been great, a good combination of characters and the game is getting pretty interesting.
Last night's episode was astounding. Picking up from the last episode (those 2 long weeks ago), our remaining survivors have another reward challenge at Tribal Council. It's all about China, and no surprise that PG wins (cultural advantage) and she selects Denise and Erik to go off with her to the very cool Shaolin Temple, home of Kung Fu and a rare opportunity.
Our gang of 3 enjoy a private Jet, some champagne and get to the Temple where they are treated to a spectacular show, we learn that our Lunch Lady Denise is into Karate (whoa!) and they have a great time. Meanwhile back at camp Amanda is wanting to stir things up, and hatches a plan to take out James (although Todd has been saying this for weeks and I still think that he is the true Puppet Master) and they decide to blindside James. It all depends on who gets Immunity and if they can make James think he is safe so he doesn't use one of his two Immunity Idols.
Erik wins Immunity, and it appears that PG is the target.... which suits our sneaky gang and they play along, convincing James that PG is next to go and they all pray to their dark gods that he won't use the Immunity Idol. The gods smile on them, James is taken out (and now there are no more Immunity Idols) and the reaction from the Jury was hilarious.... now I can hardly wait until next week to see how much more devious and deceptive our remaining 6 will be.... I still have high hopes for my fave Todd and hope he can weasel his way into the finale...