Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heroes - Cautionary Tales of Dead Dads

This was a great episode of Heroes, no make that a funfrickingfantastic episode with lots of action and some great development with the storyline.

Not all of the characters were in the episode as things centered more on HRG and family, Hiro ties things up with his father and Matt goes over to the dark side. Oh yeah, and Suresh is a suprisingly good shot.

Hiro goes back in time to save Dad, and there is a great moment when he takes his father back to his mother's funeral and meets himself as a child. George Takei was great with his whole letting destiny play out routine and it was great to see him again. Hiro was a little shocked to discover it was Kensei (Adam) that killed Dad and this sets the stage for what appears to be a major battle with our immortal man.

Matt learns he can "push" people to do his bidding and uses this ability on Molly, his boss and then Angela Petrelli, forcing her to speak the truth and reveal the other members of the Company and information about Adam. He starts crossing that line of morality and this can be a very dangerous ability in the wrong hands ... let's hope he can handle it.

HRG is still my number one character, his ability to juggle various moral dilemas, his dangerous intelligence and how he will fight to protect Claire at any cost. I love how he manipulated West to help him, and their little team up to rescue Claire from Bob, Suresh & Elle. I am not completely happy with the turn of events with Suresh and he sure seems to be jumping on the Company line pretty fast. Bob manages to get some of Claire's blood, which should bode well for Niki...

HRG and Bob each holding each other's daughters hostage was another shot of brilliance and you have to say that HRG short-circuiting Elle was pure evil genius. Elle has developed into a fascinating character and loved how they tried to explain more of why she is so unstable, and I love how her personality ebbs and flows and you are not sure what she will do next. Suresh ends up shooting HRG, making Isaac's prediction painting a reality and our beloved HRG is laying there with a big old bullet through the eye (amazing shot) before we end the episode and see our friend resurrected by a transfusion of Claire's blood.


The bad news: not a mention of some of our other Heroes (the problem with having lots of characters) such as Monica, Niki, Peter or even uber villain Sylar. I won't even mention the Wonder Twins.